Labor Day Weekend Fun

Well hello again!

A day off from blogging becomes 2, becomes 3 becomes over a week later.  It’s been a great week, as any national holiday is.  Complete with a trip down South to my roots in the Carolinas.  Tailgating at my alma matter, Clemson (in South Carolina) and then two lovely nights with my parents at a Bed & Breakfast in Asheville, North Carolina.

Enjoy the pics and snipets of the trip and I’ll be back up and running with new recipes soon.

[WARNING: Some gross injury photos included at the very bottom.  Scroll at your own risk.  You have been warned.]

First thing off was starting with a yummy tailgate.  Got a “Bo Box” from Bojangles and it was worth every greasy calorie.  BBQ & Fried Chicken are definitely my ‘treat’ foods.

Sorority Sister reunion

Mom & Dad at the gameThe whole gang


Then, on to Asheville where we stayed at the lovely Abbington Green.

And of course, obligatory food picture.  This one taken from the Early Girl Eatery.  Some of the best Collard Greens I’ve ever had!

Now, as promised, the disgusting injury photos.  Went for a run on Saturday morning and wound up tripping over some uneven pavement and sliding across the ground.  I’m now on day 5 of a break from running and recovering nicely.  Hopefully, this little rest period won’t impact my marathon training too much.

You were warned…