What to watch on Netflix to restore your faith in America.

It’s been a tough week. I know.

So, if you’re looking for a way to escape and look at America with a warm glow of hope and optimism, Netflix has got you.


  1. The West Wing.  Of Course, America looks it’s best in Aaron Sorkin’s view of democracy and the decent people running our government.  Recently back in the public eye with the endearing podcast by Joshua Malina  (Will Bailey) and Hrishikesh Hirway West Wing Weekly.
  2. 30 Rock You think this is not a political show.  But, tune in for gems that will have you dabbing your eyes such as “I’m working out of the Clinton offices for a few weeks.  Helping Hillary retool her universal healthcare platform” (Season 2: Someone to Love) sniff sniff.
  3. House of Cards.  You: at least it won’t be this bad.  Right? RIGHT?
  4. By The People, The Election of Barack Obama Get the warm feels again watching Obama’s election and inauguration.
  5. Mitt A documentary on Mitt Romney’s campaign will have you wishing he ran in 2016.
  6. Parks and Recreation Fresh-faced idealism “she believes that optimism defeats pessimism” with a side-dish of her heroes Hillary Rodhman Clinton and Joe Biden.  Leslie Knope literally wrote a letter helping us cope with Trump. 

I am sure there is more but this is what I’m playing in the background these days.