About Me


I’m Natalie but I usually end up being called  “Natty”.  Natty of Nitty Grits, is it too much?

Originally from South Carolina, I now live just across the river from NYC in Paulus Hook, New Jersey (fist pump!) with my husband Iain.  I love cooking & eating, talking about cooking & eating, planning what I’m going to cook & eat next and travelling all around (mainly to eat).   I strive to eat healthy and am trying to continually learn more about natural cooking.   For two reasons:

a) To fuel my body for a long and active life (obviously)

b) I love a challenge.  Pretty much anyone can make tasty food.                                                                                                                                                      (Butter + Sugar = Delicious.  Who knew!?) But, it takes extra effort to find and experiment with delicious, natural and minimally processed ingredients that do a body good.

Speaking of challenges, I also pepper my time (see what I did there, food blog / pepper / ha ha ) with marathons and bikram yoga.

Thanks for stopping by.  I’m new at this, so feedback is welcome!


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